Cyril Cromie over looking his Zwartbles X Scottish Blackface lambs


On December 10th 2011 I visited Cyril Cromie and his flock. He had been cross breeding a Zwartbles ram with Scottish Blackface ewes. I wanted to see the resulting 2011 lambs and photograph them to share with other breeders.


Scottish Blackface ewes running with Zwartbles ram


These are the Scottish Blackface ewes which he crossed with the Zwartbles ram. He will be retaining the ewe lambs for his commercial flock. As you can see there are 2 other sheep of different breeds mixed in but most are the Scottish Blackface.



Zwartbles X Scottish Blackface lambs


These are a few of the Zwartbles X Scottish Blackface  ewe lambs that he retained for his commercial flock.  Cyril believes these ewe lambs make an ideal cross.



A pair of fine looking Zwartbles X Scottish Blackface ewes lambs


As hoggets they will probably be put in lamb to a Charollais or a Rouge ram. I hope to get back to Cyril Cromie and photograph these resulting lambs and see and hear how they do.

4 Responses to A Visit to See Zwartbles crossed with Scottish Blackface sheep

  1. Christine says:

    They are handsome beasts. Look forward to hearing more about them.

  2. gwynivar says:

    Are they naturally short-tailed then? Lovely looking lambs – they look like they have some good loin length in the carcass. Any idea on the fleece? I’d love a sample come shearing time!

    • Jake says:

      Hi, Found you on the Etsy Blog Team. I, too, am a knitter and I also have Scottish roots (and Irish and German . . . ). My dethguar and I were in the Aran Islands a couple of years ago. I had planned to purchase a “real” Irish sweater there. Sweater shops abound on the main island. But there were so many shops and so many sweaters (and such high prices with the exchange rate at that time) that I was overwhelmed and left Ireland without a sweater at all! Lucky and smart you to have brought some back! My dethguar stayed on in Ireland for several months and she bought wool that she knitted some lovely scarves with.Glad to have found your blog!Lynette – SweetPosyDreams

  3. Neil Callan says:

    These are very interesting pictures, I have crossed the Jacob with Scottish Blackface ewes (Jacob ram) and also crossed the pure Jacob ewe with a Cheviot ram to staggering effect. The Jacob x Blackface are four horned and two horned huge lambs that have grown very fast and seem very hardy. The Cheviot ram on the Jacob ewe has produced a fantastic polled lamb. The lambs are jet black with white on the head and rump, very striking and the wool is soooo good. This is a great page with super pics, thank you 🙂 Regards, Neil.

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