Jimmy O’Keeffee and his Zwartbles


Zwartbles made it into The Irish Farmers Journal. A very nice piece about Jimmy O’Keeffee and his Zwartbles sheep.

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  1. judy says:

    Great to see Jimmy and his sheep featuring in the Journal today.

  2. Andrea Kennett says:

    I was wondering if there are any Zwartbles in New England, USA?
    I live in NH and have been thinking about raising sheep.

    • suzanna says:

      I do not think there are any Zwartbles sheep in the USA yet. There might be some half breeds as someone shipped sperm over there a few years ago. I was working with some people in New York state to ship over frozen embryos but this got stopped due to a new virus called Schmallenberg virus we have here in Europe. I don’t know when the ban will be lifted. So we might have to wait till they have developed an approved and viable vaccine.

      • Karen Cross says:

        Wouldlike to know whenor if you know of anyone in the us that has Awartbles?

        • suzanna says:

          I know someone years ago imported semen to USA but used it on sheep that were of a different breed. So I don’t think there are any purebred Zwartbles sheep in the USA

  3. Ron Bon says:

    Hej Suzanna,
    we are living in Danmark and have a flock off Zwartblessheep.
    we are looking for new genetics. Can you tell me what the possibilyties are for embryo’s or semen?
    kind regards

    • suzanna says:

      Have you tried the ZSA at http://www.zwartbles.org/ ? They would have a complete register of all flocks who might sell sperm or do frozen embryos. Sorry I do not have that kind of information.I will pass on your details to others who might know what your looking for.

    • Karen Cross says:

      Do you know of anyone who is exporting semento the USA?

      • suzanna says:

        DEFRA has banned the export of any Ruminant semen, frozen embryo’s, or living livestock due to the schmallenberg virus (sbv) infection that has hit Europe since 2011.

      • Rob says:

        For the US iquiries for semen, it is available for dale through Super Sires in the US

  4. Raquel Bagatini says:

    Any recent news on Zwartbles in the US?

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