Electric sheep netting I have used for years but for some reason this year it seems to be working against me and netting me a string of lambs.


Netted Lamb Catch

Willow Caught in Netting


Please Please Release Me

 This last week has seen my electric sheep netting catching many lambs.

MAAAAaaaa I’m Caught!!!

If I was a fisher man I would have been making great catches all week.

Willow & Whisper Caught Again


This has been happening as the electric current is not very strong if at all.

Please Get Me Out of This…….


So Embarrassing


Ma Help Has Arrived

A Tug & Lift Over the Head


  This has been due to the storms that keep crashing across the countryside sending branches bouncing onto the top line of electric fence shorting out the current as it tangles with the barbed wire beneath. So I have been doing a lot of fence walking to find the wire shorting locations.


The Big Fellow Showing Me Latest Victim


Both Lamb & Dog Wait for Me to Help


Would You Just Stop Taking Photos & Release Me!! Pleeeease!


Willow Caught at it Again


Yup; That is a Long Bit of Netting


The Under Chin Pull to Loosen Then Over Head Tug & Pull


Freed; Willow Looking Down on the Valley of Netting




Lambs Tempting Fate


Whisper Caught AGAIN!!!


A Sheep Netting Cross Roads



Maybe I should just fence across the fields with sheep wire then at least I wont have to walk fence lines to find electric tangled with barbed wire unless foxes are trying to get at chickens.


Whisper Waiting With Annoyed Look on Her Face

Lambs Still Tempting Fate


In Tempting Fate He Later Gets Caught

Twins Willow & Whisper Caught Again

And Again

Willow Caught Again & Her Mother Not Worried Just Chewing Her Cud


3 Responses to Netting Lambs All Week!!! “Farm Diary”

  1. Bambi Miller says:

    I love following your farm on facebook, and will someday travel to Ireland. When I do, I would love to visit your farm (if that is something you allow) and see your wonderful sheep and beautiful German Shepherd.

  2. Jan Spink says:

    This latest photo series really shows how incredibly arduous, every day farm life can be. Its like “Black Beauty” syndrome in reverse. I get it here all the time. Everything looks so fabulous to visitors. You can’t say “If they only knew” now because you’ve “captured” or revealed the reality of it so perfectly. Well done, again.

  3. Dee Sewell says:

    Ah bless, you’ve got your work cut out there! And your grass certainly is very green. Should have taken you up on offer of dandelions too as havent managed to collect four cups, yet thought I had loads!

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