Honesty on Zwartbles Wool.


So now it is the Merry Month of May and many have started shearing.

Zwartbles Pure Black Fleece


So I am looking for all Irish Pure Bred Zwartbles Breeders to save their Wool for me.

Tornado Modeling Honesty


When shearing please shear away belly wool and back end dirty wool.

A Cleaned Dagged Back End


If you have a garden your Rhubarb will love this part of the wool, it is one of their favorite foods.


A Dandelion Nestled on a Ewes Wooly Back


This leaves all the wonderful soft pure black Zwartbles wool with its deliciously sun browned tips

Shorn Zwartbles Wool with Tulips



Shearling Fleece in Cherry Tree


Honesty Blossoms on Beautiful Sun Bleached Tips of Zwartbles Wool


I will collect as much as possible before May 19th.

Cherry Blossoms On Pure Zwartbles Wool


Cherry Blossom Being Eaten from Model Sweety Pie's Back


I will do another collection in June some time.

Tornado's Reward for Modeling; Eating Honesty


Zwartbles Fleece Hanging off an Apple Tree

Please send me an Email if you have not been in touch by phone. The Email address you will find at the bottom of this page.

8 Responses to Zwartbles Wool

  1. Magic. I love the wool hanging on the blossoming trees. What a wonderful image to take away.

  2. Lovely. Magic. What an amazing image of the wool in the blossoming trees.

  3. suzanna says:

    Thank you Sally glad you enjoyed the images. This is only the beginning next is collecting all the wool from around Ireland.

  4. Posy says:

    Lovely Images!

  5. Dawn Edwards says:

    Fantastic photos! My new favorite wool… Zwartbles. It really is gorgeous!!!! Thanks so much for sharing these lovely photos.

  6. Sam says:

    Hello, wondering if you can help me. Which way should a zwartbles fleece be rolled? Inside out or Outside out? Thanks.

    • suzanna says:

      When you spread the fleece out onto the clean floor you want the skin side or black inside on the floor & the out side the sun bleached side up.
      Then you fold in the 2 sides so they meet in the middle leaving the tail & neck out long.
      Next you start rolling from the tail end tightly all the way up to the base of the neck part of the fleece.
      At this point you put your foot at the base of the neck part of the fleece & start to twist as tight as you can & as you twist it pulling it out long as you go.
      Once you have a nice long rope of wool you use that to wind around the sausage roll of wool & tying it off on its self.
      I will be posting a series of photographs I took showing the whole process.

      I hope that has answered your question.

    • suzanna says:

      I have just posted a shearing and fleece rolling photo post.

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