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There are 3 Pedigree Zwartbles Sales

There will be 2 export sales in Northern Ireland

1st August BALLYMENA mart (130 sheep)

2 August at DUNGANNON mart (35sheep)

All rams, ewes and lambs will be eligible for export on the day to Southern Ireland.

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Top quality stock at both sales, including prize winners at shows in Northern Ireland in 2013.

DSC_0061 In Irish Republic a Zwartbles Pedigree Sale

Saturday 31 August at TULLAMORE mart.

After the Pedigree sale there will be a sale of Zwartbles cross bred hoggets & ewe lambs.

Zwartbles Cross Breed lambs

Zwartbles Cross Breed lambs

12 Responses to 3 Zwartbles Pedigree Sales in August 2013

  1. jason kestell says:

    Where can we get catalogues from, Online or post ??

  2. Alicia says:

    Hi Suzanna
    Could you clarify Is the Tullamore sale Friday the 30th or Saturday 31th of August?

    Talk to you soon


    • suzanna says:

      I am going to correct the date on the website as you are correct and it is the Sat 31 of Aug that the Zwartbles sale in Tullamore is

  3. Aodhan says:

    hi there
    I am very interested in the zwartble breed and i am considering on purchasing a zwartble ram for use on half of my flock this year,

    So I was just wondering, at the dungannon sale on augest 2nd, can a local farmer like myself purchase zwartble sheep, or are they only for export sale to the south?
    also, can any flock holder purchase from these speaclist sales like a ordinary weekly sheep sale? or is there anything you need in order to purchase them?
    Many Thanks

    • suzanna says:

      Yes anyone can purchase from these sales and it would be wonderful if more commercial or (Normal) sheep breeders found out what wonderful maternal sires Zwartbles are. Please do go to one or both of the Zwartbles sales.

  4. john burke says:

    I already have some zwartbles and would like to source some more. Are there more sales planned for this year in Ireland North or South. The breed has amazed me and it is the leanest sweetest meat Ive ever eaten.

    • suzanna says:

      There are 2 sales up in Northern Ireland both at the Ballymena Livestock Mart a sale of pedigree Zwartbles in-lamb and all female sale on Monday 11th November 2013 and then another on on Monday 25th November for commercial Zwartbles. I do not think there will be any more Zwartbles sales in Southern Ireland this year. Look at the Zwartbles breeders list on this website for a breeder near you who might have some stock for sale. I will be having 5 -6 in lamb ewes for sale later this year once they have been scanned in lamb if your interested.

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