Harvest time for lambs is in September – October when the lambs are 9 – 10 months old. Due to their leanness Zwartbles as a breed are slow to mature into a good harvestable condition. They are finished here on clover and apples, which sweetens the meat. Our fields are full of white and purple clovers, herbs, vetches—it’s old meadow. The customers know that the animals were treated well and had a good life.

Catillac Pear

Catillac Pear

Spices Of Penzeys asked for one of my lamb recipes and wrote a nice piece on their website about me and Zwartbles sheep.

Here they wrote about my Zwartbles Lamb Chop Stew and my Caraway Potaotes

Do please let me know if you cooked it and how it went for you.

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