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Featuring The Cat Shepherd

Boadacious says:
"Due to popular demand I've consented to the production of a set of limited edition postcards of myself."

"Produced in top quality lithographic print on heavy card they are purrrrfect for sending salutations around the world. There are six super designs in all so that when your correspondent has read your message they can also enjoy the handsome image on the front of the card."

€5.00 + P&P



Featuring Zwartbles Sheep

Boadacious says:
"My Zwartbles flock are pleased to present a selection of limited edition postcards for the discerning sheep admirer"

"Produced in top quality lithographic print on heavy card the six super designs feature Zwartbles sheep and the fabulous natural beauty of our farm"

€5.00 + P&P



Boadacious says:
"Everyday is a day to get things done when you are a shepherd!"

"Introducing the new 2016 Zwartbles Ireland Cat Shepherd calendar featuring yours truly and my zwartble sheep in 12 different scenes from our lives throughout the year. This high quality calendar also has plenty of room for making notes on dates to remember and allows you to see a whole month at a time."

€10.00 + P&P


Bumper Stickers

Boadacious says:
"I'm proud to be a member of the worlds second oldest profession!"

"These super stickers are great for letting the world know how proud you are to be a shepherd."

€3.00 + P&P


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7 Responses to Postcards & Calendars

  1. Ellie says:

    Love your twitter feed. You put joy into so many lives and have become part of our everyday lives. Thank you.

  2. Jessica Bowers says:

    Can Americans buy your calendar with american dollars some how?

  3. Caroline says:

    I really love your website! Especially your twitter feeds.
    Please let me know if you are selling next year’s calendar. I would be very interested!

    • suzanna says:

      You’re very kind. the new 2017 calendar has not yet been printed. I am only now starting to collect up the images that we will use in it.

  4. Maddison says:

    I’m currently reading ‘Bodacious the Shepard Cat’ and am loving it. That’s what has brought me to this website. I would like to enquire about the postage fee to New Zealand, that’s if the 2020 calendar is out.
    It is truly saddening to hear about the passing of Bodacious

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