Dawn light on Christmas morning.


Who needs a lawn mower when the girls can enjoy lawn grazing.


Later on Christmas day after fresh home made eggnog with relations.

If you look down in field at bottom left in photo you can just see one of the ponies that caused the mess the next morning on St Stephens day.


Death & Disaster Diverted!!!!


Pure instinct woke me early on St Stephens day morning. So out I went into the morning dark thinking of feeding early only to find destruction.


Marco Polo & Mouse

2 ponies had broken through 3 electric fences chasing sheep into electric net fencing.


In the dark across the field I saw a still dark form, a dead sheep I thought. My ram lamb had been caught & tangled in the electric fence barely breathing not moving. The netting was twisted around his neck with one leg tucked under his chin. He was incredibly quite even when I was loosening the netting only struggling once. Having had to get other breeds of sheep out of this netting when caught & tangled they leap about as soon as they can, making the job much harder. Once again I’m impressed with this breed of sheep.


Tornado Ram lamb recovering well

All well now ram was freed but very lame, once circulation had returned fully to his leg he was sound.


Farming is not a quite life….


I hate that sheep netting stuff but its cheaper then real fencing also movable and the sheep were mowing the lawns for Christmas. Now netting fence destroyed so had to move sheep on sooner then I intended.



The girls got wormed & moved to a fresh field with no trauma associated with it. Tornado the ram is sound with a tiny bit of swelling from the St. Stephens day events. He has now been moved to the bachelor pad which he shares with Bosco.


Tornado & Bosco breakfasting

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