Zwartbles ewe with her 4 lambs

Zwartbles Ewe with Her Four Lambs

I have been absent from my written and photographic prose.

Zwartbles Hoggets in early April when grass was scarce

Zwartbles Hoggets in Early April When Grass Was Scarce.

This came acutely into focus yesterday when I had an unexpected visitor, a farmer who asked why I had stopped my Farm Diaries. He had really enjoyed reading them and seeing the photographs about farm life, even when he was doing the exact same things on his farm only a few miles away with his sheep. (A different breed of sheep.)

Zwartbles lambs warming themselves on a bitter March night

Zwartbles Lambs Warming Themselves on a Bitter March Night

So I am breaking the ice and getting back into posting Farm Diaries and will continue the series on the Zwartbles wool process at the Cushendale Woollen Mills.

Sorting the Zwartbles Yarn Threads for the warp of the Travel Rugs at Cushendale Woollen Mills

Sorting out the Zwartbles Yarn Thread by Thread for the Warp of the Travel Rugs at Cushendale Woollen Mills

I shall once more be collecting pure Zwartbles wool from this years harvest. So I hope all of the Irish Zwartbles breeders are keeping their wool for me and when your shearing it you will be keeping it as clean as possible!!

Shearing Day May 2013

Shearing Day May 2013

We will have our first Zwartbles wool products for sale very soon. There will be a very limited amount of beautiful Zwartbles yarn for knitting or crocheting, Travel Rugs and large Queen Size blankest.

Zwartbles Ireland Travel Rug; 100% Irish Wool

Zwartbles Ireland Travel Rug; 100% Irish Wool

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