Ladies Watching Me Walk By Their Gate

Ladies Watching Me Walk By Their Gate

Only a week ago on twitter I noticed Hector o hEochagain (who is a comedian and radio personality here in Ireland) was tweeting about the Irish Gold Medal winner Rob Heffernan and how we should all video ourselves doing his gold medal winning walk and tweet them under the hash tag #DoTheHeff

Hector set us up with a sample walk

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”iDuyMWSz0pQ”]

In honor of our new world champion Rob Heffernan we want you to ‘DO THE HEFF’ on the way to work this morning! Send us your video or pics to #‎dotheheff with RTE2fm

So for my own amusement I set the iPhone on a fence post and tried to #DoTheHeff with a small part of my Zwartbles flock following me.

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”OpzE36F0xwQ”]

I thought nothing of it once I had posted it and Hector retweeted it as did a few others. Then on Wednesday less than a week after posting it onto you tube I was showing it to someone and suddenly realized it had had over 5000 views. This is more than all my short films have been viewed together.

I tweeted this: I can’t believe a moment of insanity triggered by @hectoron2fm to #dotheheff filmed from a fence post has 5000 hits

I just hope Rob Heffernan takes no offence at a flock of black sheep taking the micky and trying to walk his walk.

I’m sure some of it had to do with the fact that the Irish Independent had posted an amusing note about it on their website and also that Hector o hEochagain is very popular.

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