About a month ago I wrote about about netting lambs in electric sheep netting which I have been using for years dividing fields up for better grazing rotation. Well I have finally had it fenced with proper sheep wire a strand of barbed wire & a strand of electric at the top. This makes the fence good for sheep, cattle and horses.

Fence Posts Being Inspected

Stakes Driven & Barbed Wire used as a True Line

The Tools at Work

Due to the cost of fencing the gates will have to wait so I will be using electric springs for temporary gates. I will have three strands of electric springs in each gate way gap, lamb height, ewe height and horse height.

New Spring Gates Inspected

New Fence & Gate Inspection


The same day as the fencing I was having the ground dug out for for a new floor for my lambing/shearing shed. This was being over seen by Tornado the Shearling Ram.


Tornado Observing the Digging


Tornado Inspecting the Floor Level

Bosco & Tornado Watching Soil Removal

Horses Watching the Dumping


Boys will be Boys no Matter the Species: Tornado Asking for a go on the Digger


Final Inspection Before Cement Laid


A few days later was the floor laying day. Before the cement mixer arrived there was lots of talk about if it would fit through the gates and into the yard, so the tension built as we awaited its arrival.

Cement Lorry Barely Squeezes Through Our Gate

 Mixer arrives into our yard still carrying some of the trees it had to squeeze under

Mixer Makes Our Big Building Look Small


Reversing into Outer Yard is a Tight Squeeze


Hand Signals & Shouts to get It Right


Tornado Can Hear But Not See

First Load into Minny Dumper


First Load for Floor

Smoothing & Leveling the New Floor

Waiting to Dump the Final Load


Last Piece of the Floor Being Poured


Hosing Down Equipment Job Done

Due to the weight of the cement in the mixer it could fit under tree branches when it arrived but leaving with an empty load we had to cut branches down for it to escape.

Leaving Through Our Trees

Branch Cutting For Mixer’s Departure


 The next morning Tornado and I test the new floor.

Tornado Getting Good Look at New Floor

Tornado & I playing Shadows in Morning Sun

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