The Southern Ireland Zwartbles Sheep Society AGM was held this past
Friday December 17th.

Voted in were the new chair & new secretary.

Show dates and which judges to use were discussed.

I brought up the Zwartbles Ireland website & facebook page.
Hoping for some interest and support as well as having breeders joining
the Irish Zwartbles Breeders list. Both the out going and in coming chairmen showed
little or no interest in the website or face book page. They felt it was not in the best interest for the Southern Ireland Zwartbles Branch to support the Zwartbles Ireland website or face book page.

After the board meeting other Zwartbles breeders expressed their
interest and will be signing up to the breeders list which is on this
website. All other Zwartbles breeders are welcome to join as long as you
have your UK ZSA number. There is a once off fee of €50, email me via
this website if you are interested in becoming a listed breeder on this
website. This fee will help to pay for this website and any annual fees
to maintain the on line connections.

At the moment I understand that there are at least 12 – 20 registered
Zwartbles Breeders in Southern Ireland, these would be Zwartbles sheep
breeders which have their UK ZSA numbers. I also understand that many of
these Irish Zwartbles breeders have very small flocks of 2 – 8 sheep,
you are all most welcome to join the breeders list.

May you all have a Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year and have many happy healthy lambs born into your Zwartbles flocks.

With fond regards Zwartbles Ireland

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