Zwartbles Sheep Breeders of Ireland Please do not throw out your beautiful wool. Next year 2012 when your shearing your sheep I am looking for the wool.


I hope it is not too sandy, full of straw or shavings and no white wool mixed in. Please keep out the belly and back end tagged wool, it is wonderful for fertilizing your rhubarb and rhubarb love it.


Frosted Zwartbles Wool

I need at least 200 weight of good clean raw wool. This will then be cleaned: a third spun for knitters, third readied for felting and third will be woven into pure Zwartbles wool rugs.


Frosty Morning Zwartbles Wool

I will try to pick up as much as possible. If this works out and sales go well I hope to continue this in the years to come.


Please pass this on to Zwartbles breeders that do not use computers or face book. Thank you

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